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20 October

Love All The People – ALC. 4.7% VOL.

Hot on the heels of Eight Legged Groove Machine we’ve only gone a brewed another brand new beer. This time it’s a passion fruit pale ale called Love All The People. In addition to being infused with passion fruit, the beer also boasts the inclusion of three belting new world hops, which add soft tropical fruit notes. The hops in question are Galaxy, Mosaid and Simcoe. Bosh! There’s ten (imaginary) bonus internet points up for grabs for anyone who tweets…

07 August

Eight-Legged Groove Machine – Alc. 4.5% Vol.

  It’s been a while, but our latest offering comes in the shape of Eight-Legged Groove Machine, which is a refreshing pale ale that’s been infused with ginger and lemon peel. Golden Promise pale malt provides the perfect backdrop for Cascade and Motueka hops to impart additional citrus notes and a quaffable level of bitterness. The beer takes its name from The Wonder Stuff”s 1988 debut album, with the artwork taking on a comic theme. We originally brewed a beer called…

Baby-Faced Assassin
01 November

Baby-Faced Assassin – Alc. 6.1% Vol.

Deceptively quaffable India Pale Ale Baby-Faced Assassin was originally conceived as a recipe in the back office of Beer Ritz in Headingley, Leeds, on a dark winter’s afternoon in early 2011, before being brewed as a very small batch beer. Fast-forward nearly three years and we’ve decide to brew the beer on a commercial scale for the first time. There’s no getting away from what this beer is and that’s a celebration of hops and, more specifically, one hop in…

01 April

Low Life – Alc. 2.8% Vol.

Continuously Hopped Low Gravity Beer Following on from the success of our first brew back in the game, Mad Hatter, we challenged ourselves to brew something at the other end of the scale for our next offering. This comes in the shape of Low Life, a beer that weighs in at just 2.8%, but a beer that’s also got bags of flavour. (Daniel Vane’s pumpclip artwork for Low Life) We’ve not skimped on hops and took the decision to add…

Mad Hatter
01 December

Mad Hatter – Alc. 6.2% Vol.

Jasmine Green Tea India Pale Ale The return of Outlaw Brewing Co. is something we’ve been working towards for the last 12 months, with the aim of producing limited edition beers of varying abv’s and styles on a semi-regular basis. The first Outlaw beer was brewed in 1996 and, after a few years of inactivity, it’s back! (Tom Cutting’s pumpclip artwork for Mad Hatter) We had various ideas about the type of beer we’d like to brew to celebrate the…